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The world is a big place and it’s over 70% ocean and sea. That’s a lot of water – and some of the most isolated and beautiful places in the world can be found only by those who are lucky enough to have access to some sort of watercraft. The isolation of these areas is precisely what makes them so popular with many holidaymakers. And it’s also the reason that yacht charter and yacht rental have become so incredibly popular. Some islands and even the mainland of regions like Southeast Asia are remote – and they don’t have the sort of infrastructure that will support large scale tourism – in fact in many of these places vacation infrastructure such as villa or even hotels simply does not exist. However yacht charter puts all these pristine areas within the reach of anyone who wants to explore the world less seen by those who rely on mass tourism offerings.

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Many of these consumers are from countries which are quickly developing which includes India and china where a broker, a constructor or those who design interiors are seeing more and more business flowing in. Also powering the increasing success of yacht charter is the fact that previously unexplored locations are opening up to private yachts. Within areas like Southeast Asian countries for instance these seacrafts are now plying the pathways off countries such as Vietnam which until quite recently did not feature commercial infrastructure that could support the more expensive super and mega yachts. The growing amount of infrastructure development and also the accessibility to berths now means that not merely the huge yachts, but also smaller variants that are available for rental are now able to explore the beauty and magnificence of these new rich waters.

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Also powering the increasing success of yacht charter is the fact that previously unexplored areas are opening up to yachts. In regions like Southeast Asia for instance yachts are now plying the waterways off countries like Vietnam which until very recently did not boast infrastructure that could service the larger super and mega yachts. The increasing amount of infrastructure development and the availability of berths now means that not only the mega yachts, but also smaller variants that are available for charter can now explore the beauty and splendour of these new waters. Of course the traditional destinations in the Andaman Sea such as Phuket remain evergreen destinations, while the Pacific and North Atlantic (where Islands such as Bermuda can be found) remain some of the most popular destinations for those who want to enjoy the sheer pleasure of life aboard a yacht – whether it is a charter yacht or a one purchased for personal enjoyment. Other destinations such as the islands in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean continue to attract holidaymakers aboard luxury yachts in enormous numbers. However, even the increasing numbers of those who choose luxury yachts cannot change one simple fact – the seas and oceans offer the opportunity to get far from the crowds and enjoy a lifestyle second to none.

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Luxury yacht charter remains one of the most popular ways to enjoy the luxury yacht lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of owning a yacht. Today charter companies operate across the world and the good news is that chartering a yacht is completely hassle free. None of the those who are chartering need to have any previous experience of the yachting lifestyle and certainly do not need to have a skipper’s license. Chartering a yacht provides a complete turnkey solution for those who want to enjoy luxury and convenience. Most luxury yacht charter companies will provide a captain and crew to ensure that the charter is an experience that will never be forgotten. Those who charter a yacht will be treated like royalty, enjoying the best cuisine and pampering all while having the freedom to explore the open waters of their chosen charter destination. In fact, the combination of choosing where you will moor for the night, what you will be enjoying from the extensive menu and simply lying back and soaking up the sun and salt air are probably the major reasons that the yacht industry, including yacht charters is today experiencing a new level of excitement and interest from aspirant consumers all over the globe.

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Imagine a life that enables you to explore a world in which you are in complete control. Using luxury yacht charters or ownership truly the only limit is how hard you want to pursue the horizon. Go to many of the most luxurious destinations in the world and have fun with new customs and encounters – or sail for the sunset and drop anchor in a private bay. Arrange a berth at a high end vacation destination or drop anchor in a private bay and dive for one’s meal which is to be cooked by a master cook. The globe is your oyster after you decide to explore the opportunity of yacht charter or ownership.