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During the gloom and doom of the global financial crisis it was no wonder that even the wealthy found their appetite for luxury yacht charter a bit dampened. When even those with a collection of fine art and luxury Swiss watches decide that they had better start watching their pennies then it’s bad news for luxury goods manufacturers – and suppliers of luxury travel options such as Yacht Charter. The good news is fact even though the news reports say that we’re a long way from peak financial health the absolute fear of spending seems to have receded – and this means that luxury yacht charter is back on everyone’s bucket list – and the choices are more numerous than ever before.

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Traditional regions such as the Mediterranean and the Pacific, as well as the North Atlantic still draw huge numbers of people who want to live the yachting lifestyle to the full. However, new areas are also opening up that present the budding explorer with the possibility of a unique experience. Luxury yachts are now roaming the seas and oceans off countries like Vietnam and other destinations in Asia such as India. These destinations have traditionally been ignored due to the lack of proper berthing opportunities. However, governments in these areas have been quick to realise that the recovery of the global economy presents them with an opportunity to increase revenues and income by developing world class harbours and luxury yacht facilities. This development has been fast tracked and today there are a myriad of new opportunities for yachts people to explore regions which only a few years ago had effectively been off limits.

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Of course the conventional locations in the Andaman Ocean such as Phuket continue to be time tested locations, while the Pacific and North Atlantic (where Islands such as Bermuda can be found) remain some of the most popular places for those who want to enjoy the pure enjoyment of life onboard a luxury boat – whether it’s a charter yacht or simply 1 acquired for personal entertainment. Some other destinations including the islands in the Mediterranean sea or the Carribbean continue to attract holidaymakers aboard luxury private yachts in huge numbers. However, even increasing numbers of individuals that select luxury vessels cannot alter one simple truth – the seas and oceans offer the opportunity to get far away from the crowds and revel in a way of life unparalleled.

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The ultimate asset for anyone who is on this planet in the 21st century must be privacy. We are surrounded by throngs of humanity. Add to this the desire to simply be the masters of our own destiny and not report back to head office and be subject to the many rules and regulations of everyday life and you begin to realise why many people are focusing on the purchase of the ultimate getaway machine – a yacht. Purchasing a yacht immediately opens up new horizons. Imagine if you will an escape from the everyday where you are placed in a position where you can enjoy a stress free lifestyle and a new vision of beauty and serenity every day. This is the ultimate in relaxation and mind expanding travel. This is the yachting lifestyle that people aspire to – and this is why increasing numbers of people are in the market for yachts for sale. They want in on the action and want to actively search for that most elusive of assets – true happiness.

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Visualize a life that permits you to explore a world in which you are in full control. With the help of high-class yacht charters or ownership the only real limitation is how hard you desire to pursue the horizon. Pay a visit to some of the most gorgeous destinations on the planet and revel in new cultures and encounters – or set sail for the sunset and drop anchor inside of a remote bay. Reserve a berth at a high class vacation destination or drop anchor inside a secluded bay and plunge for your own supper that will be made by an expert cook. The world is your oyster as soon as you make the decision to explore the opportunity of yacht charter or ownership.