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The extremely wealthy have long had the track record of showing off their wealth by means of luxurious mega ships. However it’s not simply those who make up the top of the earnings list which have long appreciated the freedom, exhilaration and extravagance that a yacht can bring. Many shoppers turn towards luxury boat rental business in order to enjoy the getaway of a lifetime. However for decades the luxury craft business has long been down in the doldrums. The consequences of the credit crunch meant that levels of disposable income amongst those who enjoy the yachting life style diminished and the knock on effects included less business for charters, builders and brokerages. However while the worldwide economic system rebounds the private yacht business has witnessed an uptick in requests and charters. The popularity of the luxury lifestyle it seems currently is stronger than ever before. The question is – why do so many individuals find holidays while onboard high-class yachts so attractive and just who is powering the resurrection in the rise in popularity of the life-style?

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If you have your eyes set on that magical yacht journey and want to charter a mega yacht then you’re going to shell out a pretty penny. However, there are other luxury yachts that are available for charter which will not break the bank, especially if you take into account the fact that costs can be split amongst friends and family. If you look at it that way then luxury yacht charter is no more expensive than a top drawer family vacation at an exclusive resort. And the great news is that luxury yacht charter is not only more fun than sitting by the poolside surrounded by hordes of tourists, but it also expands your horizons (literally) in a way that other types of travel simply cannot.

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The world has not only changed in terms of just how much disposable income people now have – it’s also changed just who those people are. There’s a new breed of professional who is now actively looking at yachts for sale. This person is usually from a region that has undergone a change in demographics. In essence this means that those people in countries like India and China who did not have sufficient wealth now do. And they’re looking to invest not only in the rock-hard assets that make up a strong financial portfolio – but also in what are today referred to as ‘lifestyle investment’. Not only do they take time off to play a round of golf – but they also value and cherish the opportunity to simply get away from it all. In many cases that means looking for a yacht for sale and taking the plunge into a world of relaxation and exploration.

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Firstly there could be no debate that life aboard a luxury private yacht is one that is characterized by pleasure and extravagance in the better things in life. The utter richness of a high-class luxury boat interior will transform any vacation into a once in a lifetime experience. Super luxury yachts tend to be sailing castles with all the current modern conveniences that money can buy. Regardless of whether you get pleasure from kicking back inside a hot tub having a glass of champagne or taking pleasure in a night enjoying satellite television in a home / yacht theatre or discovering magnificent waters on a day time excursion a high-end vessel offers countless opportunities.

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Unlike a resort or a beach house a yacht allows those who own or charter it unlimited freedom. Once you set sail the only limitation that you will experience is just how far you can travel during your chosen sailing hours. The freedom to simply drop anchor and dive off the side of the yacht into crystal clear waters and then enjoy an excursion to an island which might only ever have seen the presence of human beings once or twice is exhilarating. This is where you can be the master of your own destiny. Whether you want to barbecue fresh seafood in the setting sun or dive on a pristine reef, or even simply unwind from the stresses and strains of modern life then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of the yachting lifestyle.