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Yacht Rental Price Nearby Dubai | 112 ft Ships and Larger

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The improving state of the global economy is good news for both consumers and those who want to at last throw off the worries of the credit crunch and global economic downturn that not so long ago was the cause of gloom and doom. One of the reasons that yacht rental is becoming an increasingly popular way of enjoying stress free leisure time is that there is simply more money available for wealthy individuals for yacht charter. Luxury travel is now within the reach of more and more people and they are voting with their feet – specifically using those feet to rent a yacht and board for the holiday of a lifetime. This sort of vacation is increasingly popular with people from countries in Asia and Southeast Asia where levels of disposable income have been growing steadily. Chinese consumers for instance have seen the amount of money that they have to spend steadily increase over the past decades and these newly wealthy consumers are attracted to the freedom and relaxation that is part and parcel of the yachting lifestyle.

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Traditional regions such as the Mediterranean and the Pacific, as well as the North Atlantic still draw huge numbers of people who want to live the yachting lifestyle to the full. However, new areas are also opening up that present the budding explorer with the possibility of a unique experience. Luxury yachts are now roaming the seas and oceans off countries like Vietnam and other destinations in Asia such as India. These destinations have traditionally been ignored due to the lack of proper berthing opportunities. However, governments in these areas have been quick to realise that the recovery of the global economy presents them with an opportunity to increase revenues and income by developing world class harbours and luxury yacht facilities. This development has been fast tracked and today there are a myriad of new opportunities for yachts people to explore regions which only a few years ago had effectively been off limits.

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Of course the conventional locations in the Andaman Sea including Phuket remain time tested spots, while the Pacific and North Atlantic ocean (where Islands including Bermuda can be found) remain some of the most well-liked areas for those who desire to experience the sheer delight of life on-board a luxury boat – whether it is a rental luxury yacht or a one acquired for private enjoyment. Some other areas such as island destinations in the Mediterranean sea or Carribbean always appeal to holidaymakers on-board luxury luxury yachts in massive numbers. However, even increasing numbers of individuals who choose luxury yachts can’t alter one simple truth – the seas and oceans provide you with the opportunity to get faraway from the crowds and revel in a life-style second to none.

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Firstly there should be absolutely no argument that life on-board a high end private yacht is one that is characterised by rest and extravagance in the finer things in life. The sheer richness of a high-class yacht interior will transform any vacation into a once a lifetime experience. Super yachts tend to be floating palaces with all the current modern day luxuries that you can buy. Whether you love kicking back in spa by having a glass of champagne or perhaps enjoying a night watching satellite tv in the home / yacht theatre or checking out magnificent waters on your afternoon trip a luxurious luxury boat offers endless possibilities.

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Unlike a resort or a beach house a yacht allows those who own or charter it unlimited freedom. Once you set sail the only limitation that you will experience is just how far you can travel during your chosen sailing hours. The freedom to simply drop anchor and dive off the side of the yacht into crystal clear waters and then enjoy an excursion to an island which might only ever have seen the presence of human beings once or twice is exhilarating. This is where you can be the master of your own destiny. Whether you want to barbecue fresh seafood in the setting sun or dive on a pristine reef, or even simply unwind from the stresses and strains of modern life then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of the yachting lifestyle.